Since the TempStars dental temp agency was formed, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many Vancouver temp hygienists.  Some hygienists are working part-time at a dental office and using temping to fill in their week.  Others are using a dental temp agency full time to work a busy week of temp placements.   Either way, the beauty of the temping life is the flexibility that comes with choosing your schedule while allowing the time to enjoy life.  So whether you’re in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Abbotsford or anywhere in between, here are a few ideas for what to do on your days off.

  • Vancouver of course has Stanley Park.  If you’re looking to unwind after a busy few days, take a stroll along the many paths and trails.
  • Abbotsford has the Clayburn Village, if historic villages are your thing.  Declared a Heritage Site in 1996, it’s a great way to see how life was in simpler times.
  • Surrey has Crescent Beach if you’re looking for some beach fun.  Sun, surf, beach volleyball and nature trails all await if you want to spend the day catching some rays
  • Burnaby’s main attraction is the Burnaby Village Museum.  And not to harp on historic attractions, but it’s certainly worth a walk around for entertainment and education.

So there are a few options.  Given the demand for good dental hygienists in Vancouver and surrounding areas, it’s possible to choose to temp full time and be able to enjoy the freedom, flexibility, empowerment and lifestyle that temping allows.

TempStars is the only dental temp agency in the Vancouver area that uses cutting-edge mobile technology to allow real-time viewing and booking of available dental placements, as well as invoice creation, sending and tracking.  It’s always free for hygienists to sign up and use.