TempStars Dental Hiring Job Board

The most powerful, targeted way to post your job and find the best fit for your office.

How Do I Access the Job Board to Find Staff?

     The Job Board is accessed via the same TempStars app / website you use for temping.  But instead of tapping “Get a Temp”, you’ll tap the “Hire Staff” button at the top.

Is It Really Free to Post on TempStars Job Board?

     Yes.  There are no up-front posting fees.  And if you don’t find any qualified candidates during the course of your job posting, you pay nothing.

And It’s Really Free to Hire a TempStars Temp or Anyone Using the Job Board?

     Correct!  We don’t charge anything to hire a TempStars temp, or anyone through the Job Board.

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Then How Can You Make Enough Money to Keep The Job Board Running?

     We charge a small fee to view the resumes of qualified candidates.  How much?

  • $18+hst to view 1 resume

  • $36+hst to view 2 resumes

  • $54+hst to view 3 or more resumes.

That’s it!  No other hidden costs or surprises.

So The Most I’ll Pay For Posting a Job and Hiring Someone Through TempStars is $54+hst?

     Yes!  There’s nothing else to it.

And I Can Hire a Candidate and Not Pay Anything Extra??

     Yes.  It’s true.

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What are some more details?

     Here are more things to know:

  • Once you post your job, it is submitted for review/approval which happens within 24 hours

  • Job Postings automatically expire 30 days from when you post them, but you can remove it sooner

  • You can’t use the Job Board to find temps – we have a great system for that already!

  • The highest any job posting will cost you is $54+hst, and that’s only if you view 3 or more resumes from qualified candidates

  • We don’t charge any hiring fee on top of this.

  • You are only billed for the viewed resumes when your job posting expires or is deleted

  • Using our Job Board gives you access to our membership of over 1200 hygienists and assistants, with our database of placement reviews and feedback.   It’s the most targeted, powerful, dental-specific way to find the best candidates.

  • Right now the Job Board is for Hygienists and CDA II Dental Assistants.  We’ll be adding more positions soon!

  • Our Job Board is a new feature – so please be generous with questions and feedback so we can make it the best it can be!

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