A temporary job or ‘temping’ comes with many great benefits for the short and long term. Many people even temp as a career but dental temping is great for working on your days off and earning a little extra income as well. Temping is more successful through a dental agency where you’re provided with flexible placements, such as TempStars. There are many advantages to temping and I’ve complied a short list of reasons why dental temping can benefit you.

How Dental Temping Benefits You:

  1. Builds Your Resume

When you’ve just graduated and want to build your experience and resume, temping can be a great start. TempStars welcomes new graduates where they are able to connect with local dental offices, gain experience, and build lasting relationships that can turn into a full-time job as well. It’s also a great way to prevent any resume gaps and continue earning an income while you’re between two jobs.

  1. Gives you Flexibility

A great benefit that comes with temping is the flexibility. You’re able to work whenever you want. It really allows you to live a balanced life between work and leisure. With TempStars, you’re able to schedule as many hours as you like. Whether it’s a 40-hour work week or one shift a month. There’s no minimum number of shifts you’re required to take on, which really helps you make time for other important things in life.

  1. Allows you to Earn an Income

The number of dental shifts you book also brings in a certain amount of income. With TempStars, you’re able to set your own hourly rate and get your shift approved. There’s no awkward conversation about what hourly pay you expect because the dental office is already aware of it prior to you coming in. It’s important to set a rate that’s fair to you and your experience.

Another benefit that TempStars personally provides: It’s free! If you’re a dental hygienist or assistant looking for a temping position, sign up today!